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Matte Teal Jade and Silver Druzy combine in a vibrant display of natural beauty reminisent of the the Malibu Sunsets.  Gold brass rumble spacers accentuate the color contrasts with the protection of the  Golden Brass Dragons.


Jade symbolizes serenity and wisdom and is also known to bring harmony and tranquility.

The tiny crystals of the Druzy stone pop through the perfect imperfections in the openings of the bead.  It is known to stimulate the imagination and empower its wearer.

#8190 Matte Teal Jade Silver Druzy Gold Rumble Spacers Gold Dragons

  • Do not clean with any kind of soap, water, liquids, or jewelry cleaner.

    Use a dry jewelry polishing cloth to clean.

Instagram: Cali_Jewelz

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